5 Quick Car Hacks to Keep Your Ride Sharp

Some car owners are fastidious about vehicle maintenance. For others, upkeep happens only when it’s really needed (like when the layer of crushed Goldfish crackers on the floor becomes unbearable). Want to become a more attentive car owner? These car hacks can help. (1) Find a bottle of nail polish in a similar shade as […]

Bad Driving Habits You Might Not Know You Have

Not many drivers think of themselves as being “bad” behind the wheel, but even great drivers can make mistakes. When you’ve been driving for long enough, bad habits can start to creep in and go unchecked. Let this be your reason to check them. Here’s a look at three of the most common bad driving […]

Give a Man a Fish or Teach a Man to Fish?

As an employer, are you delegating or training? A delegator is someone who assigns tasks and allocates responsibilities. A trainer looks for ways to give employees additional responsibility; helps them acquire the skills, confidence, and capabilities to succeed; and supports them as they progress. Managers must do both; but training must happen before and during […]

General Liability vs. Professional Liability– What’s the Difference?

Business professionals bear the burden of responsibility in two distinct arenas: general liability and professional liability. Both types of coverage are necessary to secure sufficient protection for your business. Here’s the difference: General liability offers protection against costs associated with property damage, medical expenses, settlements, and slander. For example, if a customer comes into your […]

Can You become a Millionaire by Brown-bagging it?

2019–Save money, Get Healthier Eating out during the work or school day is fun and convenient. There’s no scrounging in the cupboards for something to prepare, searching for forks when you forgot yours at home, or eating cold spaghetti when the office microwave is out of order. But what’s better than convenience? Keeping money in […]

Your Smartphone can make your Insurance Smarter

Your Smart Phone Can Help You Organize, Understand and Access your policy information. Life happens fast–Protect What Matters Most! It seems like there’s an app for everything these days. Insurance is no exception. With a helpful app, you can enhance your insurance coverage with additional features and convenience. Using the right app can keep your […]

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