As an independent brokerage, we don’t work for the insurance carriers… we work for YOU.

We never quote a policy using a template. To us, every household is unique and insured with care.

Our Mountain Friendly Insurance Carriers will never require you to cut down all your trees.

All home insurance customers receive free fire mitigation education for your entire property.

Going the extra mile by providing a complementary video recording of your personal property.

Before filing a claim, call us first! We will help you determine if the damage is even worth your deductible.

Call us first! If you cancel a claim with a carrier, it still counts against you as an announcement of damage.

A speeding ticket will raise your rate for the next 5 years. Let us guide you on how to keep it off your record.


Home Insurance

Policies that include losses to the home, contents, loss of use as well as liability insurance for accidents that may happen in your home or because of you while within the policy territory.

Auto Insurance

Your financial protection against damage to the vehicle and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability.  Can also offer financial protection against theft and damage from other than traffic collisions such as keying and damage by colliding with stationary objects.

Business Insurance

A form of risk management that protects from financial loss that can include loss of income when a covered event happens.  Loss of income can keep your business from going under while continuing to pay your employees, vendors and rent.  Can even include cyber attacks.

Life Insurance

An act of love that protects the family in the event the breadwinner loses his/her life prematurely.  Can also include riders that allow preliminary access to the funds from a terminal or critical illness.  Multitude of options including an investment portion.

Consulting and Education

Pre- and post-coverage consulting includes helping you or your business to better understand your options and needs.  Lunch and Learn opportunities to help your employees better understand how to protect themselves.

Personalized Service

Full Concierge service:  Assistance listing all assets; Expert Claims Guidance that ultimately can save thousands of dollars a year; Shopping insurance for you, as a broker we don’t work for the insurance carrier, we work for you allowing us to package your coverage more appropriately.

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