Protecting Your Family and their Future

Most people shy away from any conversation about life insurance. Why? Are we afraid of our mortality?…or are we just afraid to talk about something we haven’t planned for? Either way, I wish someone had spoken with me about it long ago…back when my kids were babies. I’ve heard there are financial experts out there saying how horrible it is to have insurance on a child. It bothers me that they don’t know a policy on a child ensures their insurability for the rest of their life… no matter what disease invades their life. Or how much cheaper it is to financially plan for their future. Had I known it would cost so little when you start while they are so little, I would have had the money for each of my children’s college education. Or had they decided not to attend college, then money they could have used for a house, or business….or several million when they retire….tax free. I want to leave my children a legacy. I wish I’d started planning for it sooner.

How much life insurance should I have?

Term vs. Whole Life

Insuring Your Special Needs Child

Child Policy

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