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Commercial insurance is an important tool for business owners to PROTECT their investments. It covers a broad range of potential risks, from natural disasters and equipment failure to cyber-attacks and employee injuries. By providing coverage in the event of unexpected circumstances, commercial insurance can help businesses remain FINANCIALLY STABLE during difficult times.

As a business owner, you can select from a variety of policies to tailor coverages to meet your needs. Common types of commercial insurance include general liability, property damage, cyber insurance, worker’s compensation, and business interruption. General liability covers claims related to bodily injury or property damage caused by the business’s operations or employees. Property damage provides coverage if any of the organization’s possessions are damaged in an accident or as a result of vandalism. Cyber insurance protects businesses from cyber crime and data breaches, while worker’s compensation covers medical expenses and lost wages due to employee injury or illness. Business interruption insurance helps compensate for financial losses if the business is forced to temporarily close due to an incident.

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