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Support Local Businesses

Help Our Merchants Get Back to Business We’ve all see the “Shop Local” and “We’re in this Together” messages of encouragement.  They are positive tag lines designed to promote community engagement in local business.  Yet they are so much more[…]

The Gifts of 2020

The Gifts of 2020 We’re just nine days into December and I’ve already received so many gifts!  Not presents wrapped in shiny paper with brightly colored ribbons, but gifts from the heart and soul of our mountain community which I’ve[…]

We are so fortunate!

We are so fortunate!  While the Elephant Butte Fire threatened hundreds of homes and families in our mountain community, no one was injured and no structures were lost.  This was not luck that all souls were saved and 48.4 Million[…]

Protecting Our Community Through Forest Management

“Life Happens Fast…Protect What Matters Most” describes the RPM insurance agency’s mission to help clients safeguard their lives and property.  Fire mitigation is a priority for our mountain community, and RPM has extensive knowledge and experience in this arena.  The[…]

RPM Agency – Risk Protection Management

“Life Happens Fast – Protect what Matters Most.” The New Year has arrived and with it, thoughts of getting our proverbial house in order.  Gym memberships will be signed, closets will be cleaned, attics will be organized, books will be[…]

Is it Time to Re-Evaluate Your Coverage?

Protect Yourself and Your Bottom Line by Re-Evaluating Your Insurance Coverage During these tumultuous times, it is natural to feel as if we have lost the ability to control key aspects of our daily lives.  We hope that many of[…]

Jeffco Fire Mitigation Task Force

In continuation of our wildfire risk discussion in Evergreen and the surrounding foothills, this month I’d like to bring attention to an on-going effort organized by Jeffco Commissioner Lesley Dahlkemper.  Last month I mentioned I’ve been appointed to a Jeffco[…]

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