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“Life Happens Fast – Protect what Matters Most.”

The New Year has arrived and with it, thoughts of getting our proverbial house in order.  Gym memberships will be signed, closets will be cleaned, attics will be organized, books will be read, and for the very wise a financial review will be done.  In many households the question will be asked, “What can we do better in 2020 than we did in 2019?”

In this bright New Year, brimming with great prospects and shiny new opportunities, a simple review of your insurance coverage should rise to the top of your to do list.  You probably started years ago with auto insurance then you insured your personal property, then your home and your life.  Along the way you may have accumulated goods that have possibly fallen under the insurance radar; and exactly how is your home insured?  Is it covered for replacement value in today’s dollars, are there stipulations about your roof, or the materials with which your deck is constructed, or the number of trees on your property?  Are there natural disasters that are not covered, and what is your liability in the case of a fire?   And what if your niece comes to visit with her boyfriend, who takes your ATV for a spin on your property, and totals it when he tries to leap the gully and breaks his leg in the process?  What is your liability for his medical treatment and is your ATV fully protected?

How can a person think of all these things when getting insurance coverage?  Simple answer – you can’t, and you shouldn’t have try.  RPM Agency prides itself in looking at your current coverage and identifying the gaps.  They base their analysis on what they learn about you and your lifestyle, tailoring your insurance to your needs.

“We are good at what we do because we focus on knowing our clients,” Michele Robbins, owner, explains.  “It is always our goal to ensure  our client’s complete protection, without increasing their cost.  Because we represent all of the top tier carriers we are able to offer the most comprehensive insurance at the best price.”  Michele goes on to say that if they can’t improve your coverage and cost they will recommend you stay with your current provider.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power.  Let RPM Agency use their knowledge to put the power in your hands.  It is 2020, a brand new year, and you deserve some peace of mind.  In truth that is what the ladies at the RPM Agency are offering – the peace of mind that comes from protecting what matters most.

RPM article published in the Canyon Courier

RPM Agency – Risk Protection Management
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