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What can smart tech do for you?

Are you thinking of installing a few smart devices in your home? Here are some of the most popular and practical options to consider: Security Products This includes motion-activated doorbell cameras, door locks with timers and garage doors controlled by[…]

7 Great Reasons to Consider a Dash Cam

Evidence of what occurred. Car insurance providers in the UK offer customers a 10 to 15% discount if a dash cam is installed in their vehicles. A New York bill, if passed, will offer a 5% discount. Get out of[…]

Your Smartphone can make your Insurance Smarter

Your Smart Phone Can Help You Organize, Understand and Access your policy information. Life happens fast–Protect What Matters Most! It seems like there‚Äôs an app for everything these days. Insurance is no exception. With a helpful app, you can enhance[…]

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