7 Great Reasons to Consider a Dash Cam

Evidence of what occurred.

Car insurance providers in the UK offer customers a 10 to 15% discount if a dash cam is installed in their vehicles. A New York bill, if passed, will offer a 5% discount.

Get out of a ticket.

In New York a driver had their ticket waived because their video showed they were scratching their ear–not talking on their phone.

Help Fight Insurance Fraud.

Help stop “crash for cash” by drivers and pedestrians. Learn more at What is Crash for Cash?

Review your teen’s driving skills and Make yourself a better driver. 

Periodically reviewing driving will help everyone note areas for improvement.

Capture proof of vandalism or break-ins and Capture unexpected or wonderful events! Relive great road trips or photograph meteors like those caught on dash-cam in Russia.

7 Great Reasons to Consider a Dash Cam
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