Streamlining Your Morning Routine

If you leave your house in an anxious mood, you could arrive at work in a frantic state. That’s why you need to use your mornings wisely.

Start before you go to bed. Choosing appropriate clothes, packing your bags, preparing your lunch, and making a list of the most important things to do the next day can mean there are fewer decisions to make in the morning. This can save time.

You should also avoid using your phone as your alarm clock. Notifications during the night can disturb your sleep. If you choose to use your phone for an alarm, silence your ringer and media tones and place the phone across the room. Plus, waking up to emails and messages can be stressful, and you’re likely to jump right into these if your phone is your alarm. You don’t want to send important messages before you’re coherent. Plus, responding to messages takes time and can cause you to be late. Your messages will still be there when you get to the office. Read them when you’re settled in there.

Another tested trick is to set your clocks ahead. This can get you out the door faster and potentially keep traffic delays from slowing you down. Of course, this only works if you don’t use this extra time as an excuse to dawdle or check your emails.

You can also choose your morning beverages and meals strategically. Drink water first. It will hydrate you and help make you alert for the day. If you do need a morning coffee, consider investing in a timed coffee maker that starts making your coffee for you. This will allow you to accomplish other tasks. Remember, keep your routine simple so you won’t forget what you need to do.

Streamlining Your Morning Routine
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