How to Stay Focused in a 24/7 World

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The world of business is open or on call 24/7. Once you achieve success as an entrepreneur or business owner, things will likely come flying at you, and it’s easy to get bogged down fielding phone calls, responding to emails and social posts, and putting out fires, while important tasks remain unfinished.

How can you stay focused in this crazy environment? Here are some tips.

1. Prioritize and codify your workload each day in a to-do list. Break the workload down into tasks that are doable within a span of one or two hours.

2. Delegate anything that does not require your personal attention.

3. Remove unnecessary distractions from your life and your work area. Headphones and music can also help you focus and stay physically and mentally present.

4. Unplug. Put the phone away, don’t check your watch, and resist the impulse to scan for email or text messages. Set aside time every few hours to plug in and deal with the minutiae, but use the rest of your time to focus on important stuff. Consider using an app such as Notify Me Not, which can help eliminate many of those social media emails that can clutter your inbox.

5. Take breaks. You’re no use to yourself or anyone else if you’re burned out or stressed out. Set a timer to rest your eyes and stretch every 20 minutes. After you’ve been concentrating on something for a few hours, take a walk, clear your head, and hydrate. You will come back to the task with more clarity and focus.

6. Keep your eye on the prize. As you gain success as an entrepreneur and your business grows, distractions will multiply, and it’s easy to get sidetracked chasing the next shiny object. Stay focused on your goals and make sure everything you’re doing is a step toward those goals.

7. Visualize the big picture and talk to your employees about it regularly. It is your responsibility as a leader to articulate the mission, strategy, and goals of your organization and to ensure that you are staying on the path to achieving them. By using these tips to stay focused, you will be well on your way. Best of luck!

How to Stay Focused in a 24/7 World
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