New Year: New Thinking

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As we welcome a new year of promise and pledge to rise above the chaos and catastrophe of the past year, I suggest we retain one important lesson from 2020:  Think Differently.  If there has been one certainty to emerge from an otherwise tumultuous year, it is this: engaging in new, creative thinking is key to surviving challenges in our businesses and daily lives.

In the professional arena, new thinking has led to creative customer service, flexibility in managing our work schedules and an examination of our operations to identify improvements.  On the home front, we have gained greater insight into how we spend our time and resources, leaving behind some old routines and establishing some new priorities.

Are You Protecting What Matters Most?

As you resolve to think differently in 2021, have you also stopped to consider how you are protecting what matters most to you?  What steps have you taken to better safeguard your home, family, and business?  Have you looked at your insurance coverages and costs within the last year and considered if they are meeting your needs?  It is common to have insurance policies in place and routinely pay premiums without asking if your coverage is adequate and cost effective for your situation.  At RPM we meet clients every day who tell us they have never missed a premium, yet they do not fully understand how their insurance works.

Are You Receiving Customized Service? 

RPM Agency believes that transparency is key to your peace of mind when it comes to insurance.  That is why we will conduct a side-by-side comparison of your current coverage to the coverage we think will best meet your needs.  In some categories, that means we may recommend that you keep your current coverage in place.  In other instances, we may present options designed to provide more comprehensive, and many times more cost effective, coverage for you.  The bottom line is that we believe each client is unique and deserves the personalized attention of a broker, not an agent working from an 800-number call center.

Do You Know When to Report a Claim?

Most policyholders assume that when something unexpected occurs and causes damage to their vehicle or their home, one of the very first requirements is to call their insurance carrier.  We have been conditioned to report any damage as soon as possible without thinking twice.  Sound familiar?

At RPM we ask that our clients call us first before making any report of potential damage.  We can help you take a step back to evaluate the full cost implications of reporting the damage, paying your deductible, and experiencing the longer-term increase in premiums for having an incident on your record.  Even an initial, exploratory consultation with your carrier can be documented as a potential claim that will increase your premiums whether or not you submit your incident as a formal claim.  Our job is to educate our clients and mitigate these negative impacts.

Have You Considered Life Insurance as an Investment?

Many people think of life insurance only as a payment to a beneficiary upon the death of the policyholder.  However, there are several other types of policies depending on your preferred investment strategy and your family’s needs.

RPM has helped many clients obtain life insurance policies with the built-in ability to withdraw payments for major life events such as weddings, college tuition, and paying for long-term care.  Our clients are pleasantly surprised that their life insurance policies can be an integral part of their financial plans while they are still living.

Do You Have Adequate Coverage for Personal Belongings?

When is the last time you updated the record of your personal belongings?  Did you ever have an adequate accounting of the value of what you own, or have you ballparked the worth of your possessions?  One of the complimentary services that RPM offers clients is a video recording of their personal belongings.  This video with detailed item descriptions serves as documentation in the event that an owner would have to file a claim to recoup the value of personal possessions.  Without this type of record, insurance carriers can challenge the amount of reimbursement requested by the policyholder, adding the additional burden of proof to an already difficult circumstance.

Ready to Think Differently?

If you are ready to think differently about your insurance – as an active investment designed to benefit you and your family rather than passive protection you buy into each month – RPM is ready to help.  As insurance brokers, we can research the coverages that make the most sense for you and match you with one of our many national carrier partners.  Experience our broker advantage and be assured that you are protecting what matters most.

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RPM article published in the Canyon Courier.

New Year: New Thinking
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