Taking Proactive Steps to Protect your Home

n the past year, many of us have deepened our appreciation of the security and sanctity of our homes.  While we are quite eager to reengage in social events, in-person professional networking, and larger gatherings outside of its walls, we[…]

Restoring the Most Basic Element of Freedom

Freedom.  It is a concept we have been focused on a lot in the last year. When our freedom to do what we desire without government oversight and to travel without boundaries was hijacked by COVID-19, we quickly realized how[…]

The Devastating Impact of Cyberattacks on Small Business

April 2021   The Devastating Impact of Cyberattacks on Small Business The disturbing truth is that cyberattacks are on the arise at alarming levels.  Businesses in our community and across the globe are suffering significant financial impacts, lost productivity, and reputational[…]

Are You Covered

June 2021 Is Your Business Underinsured? Being Proactive with an Insurance Plan Will Protect Your Investment How wonderful to once again meet clients face-to-face, attend Chamber of Commerce networking events in person, and make plans to be in the Rodeo[…]

New Year: New Thinking

As we welcome a new year of promise and pledge to rise above the chaos and catastrophe of the past year, I suggest we retain one important lesson from 2020:  Think Differently.  If there has been one certainty to emerge[…]

Should You Join the Subscription Movement?

Have you considered a subscription model for your business? With a subscription, customers receive regular deliveries of products or services rather than placing individual orders. Why would you want to offer a subscription? The subscription model offers benefits for both[…]

Who Should Consider Contractor’s Insurance?

As a business owner, you need to have all your bases covered to protect your company. When it comes to insurance, this might mean establishing a contractor’s insurance policy. Here are the FAQs to help you determine whether this coverage[…]

Hosting Tips to Enhance Your Hospitality

The secret of a successful party is comfort—yours and that of your guests. Yet all too often we are so concerned about doing everything right that hosting turns into a stress fest. When you are the host, you want your[…]

Dunk Your Prescription Costs to Avoid the Donut Hole

Donut hole: This pleasant-sounding name actually describes a coverage gap in Medicare Part D. The donut hole appears when your non-generic prescription costs exceed your plan’s initial coverage limit ($3,820 in 2019), but have not yet reached the catastrophic coverage[…]

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