Hosting Tips to Enhance Your Hospitality

The secret of a successful party is comfort—yours and that of your guests. Yet all too often we are so concerned about doing everything right that hosting turns into a stress fest. When you are the host, you want your friends to feel welcome and at home. Everything you do in preparation for the event is in service of that goal, and the less you fuss, the better it is for everyone. See if these tips make hosting easier next time.

No one wants to feel uncomfortable because they can’t eat what you have prepared. Reach out ahead of time and ask about food allergies or restrictions.

The day before, text or email your exact address and easy directions.

Make the table pretty without a lot of fuss. Flowers add color and warmth to the setting, but keep arrangements low so they don’t interfere with conversation.

Soft music is a lovely addition. Instrumental or easy listening is usually best.

Prepare a meal you’ve made successfully before, so you’re confident about the outcome. Keep it simple.

Serve a pleasing dessert (or maybe two-provide fruit as an option) to complete the meal sweetly.

Hosting Tips to Enhance Your Hospitality
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