Tornado Safety Tips

Practice and Prepare.

Know where you and your family will go if a tornado strikes while you are home. Practice and teach your children where to go.  Have a family meetup area or a plan for everyone to check in with someone you designate via a phone call or text after a tornado event. Review or practice this annually and make updates/changes as needed to keep your family informed. Locate the tornado shelters in the buildings which you frequent (shopping malls, supermarkets, movie theatres, etc.). If you do not know their location, ask the store manager.

Seek Shelter.

Go to your basement, small interior room, closet or under the stairs in the lowest level of your home. Stay away from windows. Cover yourself with a blanket. If you live in a mobile home, have a designated building nearby in which to shelter (garage, barn, business, any stable structure). If outside, find the lowest area (that is not a road or stream), lie face down and cover your head and face. If you are driving–DO NOT try to outrun the tornado in your car. Drive at a 90 degree angle away from the path of the tornado at a safe speed. If you cannot get out of its path, abandon your vehicle and lie down in a ditch or low area and cover your head.

After the Storm.

Keep away from downed power lines and flooded areas (which could be hiding live downed power lines). Stay out of damaged structures. Do NOT use a lighter or matches in case of gas leaks. Contact the members of your family according to your plan.

Stay informed. Stay safe.

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Tornado Safety Tips
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