Bad Driving Habits You Might Not Know You Have

Not many drivers think of themselves as being “bad” behind the wheel, but even great drivers can make mistakes. When you’ve been driving for long enough, bad habits can start to creep in and go unchecked.

Let this be your reason to check them. Here’s a look at three of the most common bad driving habits that you might not know you have.

Not looking to the right when turning right: You’re waiting to make a right turn at a stop sign or a red light. You look left to make sure there’s no oncoming traffic. But do you look right? This is a very common mistake with very grave potential consequences. Pedestrians may be crossing in front of your car, in the direction of the green light. Without checking your right side, you could easily hit them.

Giving right-of-way to someone else: Following the rules of the road, including right-of-way, is what keeps everyone safe. While waving someone else through and giving them right-of-way might seem like a polite gesture, it could be more trouble than it’s worth. This may confuse other drivers who are expecting you, not another car, to turn or proceed.

Turning your wheels while waiting to turn: This seems like a pretty benign action, right? Wrong. Your wheels should always be positioned straight ahead, even when you’re briefly waiting for a car or pedestrian to clear the path of your turn. If your wheels are turned and another car hits you from behind, you could be pushed into traffic, endangering yourself, pedestrians, and other drivers.

Bad Driving Habits You Might Not Know You Have
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