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Are You Building a Championship Team?

Because great teams of any kind are goal-oriented and imbued with a sense of purpose, team-building needs to be a holistic process. The first step is to choose team members who can and will contribute in meaningful ways to the

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Is Your Vehicle Burglar Repellant?

Every 45 seconds, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States, according to reporting from the Insurance Information Institute. What can you do to protect your car from becoming part of this statistic? Use the following tips to make

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Glamping Still Meant Doing the Dishes

Our annual family camping trips included dishes, stitches, and cinders. Ah, the glorious Colorado summer. Every summer our family would pack up, head out of Evergreen and set camp in another beautiful location. Once loaded, the family station wagon looked

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Wildfire Preparation

We love our mountains and forests, but Colorado ranks third in the US for number of properties at high or extreme risk for wildfire. Prepare your home, family, and pets. • Develop a fire evacuation plan and practice family fire

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How to Reevaluate Your Finances Later in Life

According to data from PricewaterhouseCoopers, many Americans are in the so-called “middle market” of retirees, with somewhere between $100,000 and $1 million saved for retirement. The data also reveals that roughly half of Americans aged 55 or older have less

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How Young Is Too Young for Life Insurance?

Traditionally, parents buy life insurance policies for themselves to provide for their children in their absence. However, there are times when parents may want to consider purchasing a life insurance policy for their child. Why. The most cited reason why

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Tornado Safety Tips

Practice and Prepare. Know where you and your family will go if a tornado strikes while you are home. Practice and teach your children where to go.  Have a family meetup area or a plan for everyone to check in

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Hosting Tips to Enhance Your Hospitality

The secret of a successful party is comfort—yours and that of your guests. Yet all too often we are so concerned about doing everything right that hosting turns into a stress fest. When you are the host, you want your

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Memory Brain Training: From Sieve to Steel Trap

Some instances are easy to laugh off. Forgetting an appointment or misplacing one’s keys can be filed under “being forgetful.” But a leaky memory isn’t funny when those misplaced dates and items are of great importance, or when the forgetfulness

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Animal Invasion? You May or May Not Be Covered

Your dog ate your couch. Birds destroyed your gutter. A family of raccoons or a bear overran your car or garage. Will your homeowner’s/auto insurance cover these animal invasions? Yes and no. Here’s the scoop: Infestation: If your home suffers

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